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Surabhi Desi Cow and Herbal Products

Surabhi, a recommended brand for Desi Cow Herbal Farm Products manufactured in Pune. Our Product ranges include Personal Care, Home Care, Herbal, Ayurvedic and Biodegradable Products.

All our products are Panchagavya and have anti-bacterial qualities. Panchagavya - is derived from Desi Cow, PANCH means five and Gavya means Products Like (Cow-Milk, Curd, Ghee, Gomutra, Cow-Dung) which are very beneficial for human health   hence we have decided to procure our raw material from the cow farms located nearby Pune. These cow farms are selected strategically to keep a constant supply of required raw material.

The products manufactured by "SURABHI" are made in state-of-the-art facility to maintain its quality.

Anand H. Palnitkar has started this initiative along with group of like-minded people; who came across Desi Cow breeds such as Tharparkar, Sahiwal   Gir, etc. during their visits at various regions across Western India.